09 January 2015

A Dream About Cancer

It's been a while since I last made an entry in my dream journal, but this one was coherent enough to move me to make the effort.

What if there is no cure for cancer? What if it can't be killed?

I had a dream the other night about the personifications of cancer. They were two men. Anything I could do, they could do better and faster. They'd take over one process and then move on to another. I tried creating processes to kill those guys, but they'd just take over my new processes -- "We can do it better and faster!" They always could.

Everything I tried, they'd take it and do it better and faster. They could do it better, so logically they should be in charge, and they began taking charge of more and more processes.

Yet, while they made a process faster, the process would burn out faster. They begrudgingly acknowledged the downside of their performance meant all the processes they took charge of had a shortened existence, but they were Fatalists to the core.

I couldn't kill these two pretenders, and I was exhausted trying; then, I got the idea of putting them into an infinite loop. I'm not absolutely clear on how I accomplished it in my dream -- I may have told those guys to see if they could improve on their own processes, so they were trapped forever trying to improve themselves.

If cancer can't be killed or cured, can be trapped and contained? I think there are times when trying to vanquish something isn't the most useful approach.

18 January 2014

(SATIRE) Apocolyptian-Aquarian: The sensible person's horoscope for February 2014

Just as foretold by the Apocolyptian-Aquarian, we witnessed the birth of a new Aeon in 2012! We know those of you whom have ascended and whom have opened your third eye see these remarkable events continue to unfold each and every day. We encourage you to remain strong, although your souls may be filled with sorrowful energies in seeing so many cynics, their eyes closed, unable to see this glorious new Aeon. You are called to be a teacher and a guide to these doubting souls -- just as we at the Apocolyptian-Aquarian have been called to this time and reality to teach and guide you with wisdom imparted by the Transcended Masters to us through the ancient mystery traditions.

Our fellow travelers: Remain true and Believe! Remember the affirmation* that we have shared with you! Remember the very words that were once spoken, in perfect belief, to literally move mountains! Remember that ultimate refining of The Law of Attraction -- remember those words that were revealed only one letter every hundred years, and that only in 2012 was the Timeless wisdom gathered together and finalized with an exclamation mark that sounded from the trump of the Archangel Gabriel and shook those of us gathered in divine commune at the Apocolyptian-Aquarian 2012 Retreat and Workshop in pristine Cancun to our knees! Recall to yourselves that final revelation as it resounded into the heavens and rent them apart to reveal Penultimate Truth!


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Your Horocope for February 2014:

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24 August 2012

Logical Thinking: Reason & Reality

Does reality require an observer?

Any answer to this question requires an observer to observe the answer.

Because an observer is always required to observe an answer, no question can be answered and not be observed.

Therefore, it is impossible to answer the question: "Does reality require an observer?"

Unanswerable questions cannot be solved with reason.

Therefore, reason cannot solve the nature of reality.