30 September 2005

Night Two

Remembered most of my dreams. Longest dream was of family reunion with people that looked like extended family, but weren't. Also, in the morning my mother put toddlers in my and my brother's unnaturally oversized beds. In the morning I kept wondering what that smell was. Lots of bed wetters. Did laundry with little sister, which then turned into a rush to get things off the line and into cover before a thunderstorm hit. Hiding in the basement again with my brother, I looked up through the window, which became overshadowed. I heard deep thumping sounds, footsteps of some giant I was afraid I'd see looking back through the window at me at any moment, but I couldn't look away. I woke up to find the thumping sound was somebody's car stereo outside.

Since lying on my back when nicely sleepy/relaxed yields the most "side-effects" (such as paralysis) for my studies, I rolled onto my back this morning. It worked well. I started fuzzing out, and thought "Here we go." Vibrations started, but turned into sharp pains in my temple that I couldn't endure, so I aborted.

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