10 October 2005

Night Eight

The recurring dream that I haven't graduated from high school. I've had this dream a lot, enough that details build up on the scenario. Apparently, I didn't get enough credit in business, so I have to go back to high school so I can graduate. I don't know why I have to take a full year's of classes, nor why I don't just take the GED - but it's a dream, it doesn't have to make sense.

I've dreamed this for years, and I'm beginning to feel much too old for those classrooms. Nevertheless, this time it wasn't a tedious nightmare. This time I was taking it easy, fooling around. I knew I only needed credit for one class, so Math I could fail. I only went to class when I felt like it, and when I did, I did what I want. There was a test. Everyone was stressed out, but I just made up silly answers for all the questions. The girl next to me, a snotty A-student, looked over. I said, "Hey, no cheating off my paper!" She got flustered and told me no one would possibly try cheating off my test, did I even care that I was going to get an F? I informed her that I always get an A - and indeed I did, I went up to the sheet showing the class grades. 4.0. Yes, the teacher liked me.

This dream is a nice departure from how I was in school, and a nice departure from a dream that's showed up consistently since I've graduated. I wonder if this means I've finally "passed" this dream, and I'm moving on . . . Regardless, I think it's taught me something valuable: stop being confined to anxiety, rigorous conformity and performance evaluation and go back to my natural, relaxed, fun state.

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