21 October 2005

Night Fifteen

Great Focus10! Had a fun time trying to keep dream images from taking over. Felt great afterward.

Dreamed my sister and I were at the top of a luxury hotel/skyscraper that had a huge waterfall going off one side. We had just defeated some evil agents or undead, I don't remember, and we were trying to find a way to jump off the top with the waterfall. There was a lot of stuff built to keep people from jumping off ... We snuck around through remodeling areas trying to get to an area where we could easily jump off. Didn't manage it before the dream ended. I've been to this dream location before, only last time I managed to jump off. My sister kept saying that we should jump, and I kept thinking we were too far from the edge to make it over. I should have just jumped.

Before that, I dreamed I was pulling all kinds of loose change from a hole in the wall at the side of a filthy alley.

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