05 October 2005

Night Five

Another snake dream. The whole backyard of my old house was filled with rattlesnakes of every color and pattern. I went hopping around cutting off their heads with a Final Fantasy-sized sword. Then my mom chased me around the yard to come in for dinner. One of those weird dreams. Lots of inconsistencies and changes in that dream, probably since it was in the morning.

During the night my dream woke me up - I don't remember that dream now. [Edit: I remember! I went on vacation to Romania with my family. In my dream, Romania looked a lot like here, only colder, with mists on the mountains. I met a friend there, and we traded all the different types of currencies from our countries. My friend lived with his grandmother. Most everywhere we went was trashed, garbage and rusted things everywhere. My little sister brought my Romanian friend a gear shift, which he used to fix his van, and then drive us around for sight-seeing. We almost skidded off the road into one a culvert (a recurring thing, a subconscious fear of being trapped in a car submerged in water). Romania of my dream was beautiful, but impoverished and junked.]

Also dreamed the ex-girlfriend became successful at her goals, making me jealous instead of the other way round. I think this is something on my subconscious mind trying to get my attention.

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