20 October 2005

Night Fourteen - [Remix]

Yesterday I dreamed that I was at the family home, only this home I’ve never seen before. I tried to take a shower, but as usual in dreams, everything got in the way.

Today’s dreams were intense and fun. I dreamed I was in an anime. I lived in a medieval Japanese castle with other gods. The castle was huge and luxurious. The gods were teaching me to be one of them. We were winged, as well as having various other powers. They were trying to teach me to fly, but I had difficulties there. Also, the family of gods was under constant attack by mortals who wished their extinction.

The dream continued all through the night, even though I woke twice. It evolved into being the cooperative fantasy of a group of feral children. They lived in a clubhouse type area they’d cobbled together. There were roles among them – like the wise one, the warrior one, and the artistic one that followed me around everywhere. He tried to prevent me from meeting some women, but I lost him by hiding up in a playhouse catwalk. The five women and I had some minor adventures, but then we had to part ways. One of the women and I asked where each other lived, but we lived far apart, so we pretty much said we’d try to see each other later.

Other minor elements in the dreamscape were Blogger deleting my logs and pictures, and a minor trip to work.

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