20 October 2005

Night Fourteen

Yesterday's dream was about living with the family again, only this time the house was really luxurious, somewhere I've never been before. Tried to take a shower, but as usual in dreams, nothing could be more difficult.

Today's dream was much more intense. Remembered most of the dream. It started off being in an anime, which even after waking twice, continued on the same theme. I was a winged god of a sort living in a medieval Japanese castle with other gods. They were trying to teach me how to become a god, and trying to give me clues how to fly. There was a way of jumping and flicking one wing so that you could launch into a position that enabled you to be airodynamic enough to fly. I finally managed to get horizontal, but I couldn't remain airborne.

The gods were under constant attack, which was the plot of the dream. The dream at some point evolved into it being the story of some feral children - was it reality or just in their imagination? In the end, their setup and little cobbled-together playhouse was ruined and they had to start over. The nerdiest of the children followed me around, tried to keep me from meeting some women I found in a grocery store. I finally lost the kid by going into a playhouse and climbing onto the catwalk. Now the dream continued with the five women, which eventually ended when we had to go our seperate ways. One woman I talked to, asking each other where we lived, but it seemed only maybe someday we'd see each other again.

By this morning I was in a titan-sized school - my progress with school dreams allowed me to remain carefree and self-confident through social pressures and whatnot. An English paper I wrote was part of a presentation given to schools throughout the region, as well as part of the education-end super-stress test. I didn't have to take the test, since I had been selected to be a part of it. I had a revised version I wanted to use, and I got my teacher to let me use it, so I had to run back to class and back in time. The massiveness of the school allowed me to jump and speed long distances down stairs. Good fun.

Other sides in the dreams, I dreamed I was at work for a short time, and that Blogger deleted a bunch of my posts and pictures that I posted.

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