12 October 2005

Night Nine

A group of speed daters gathered. I watched all the foibles of inexperienced people trying to impress one another and left. Somehow I met a dark-haired girl, looked partially Peurto Rican or Thai - I'm not sure. Anyway, was at my grandparents' at this point and my ex set up a dinner date at Wingers with me. Then I went outside and agreed to a date with this new girl. Used invisibility and cloning to avert disaster. As it turned out, the ex had a trip to Arizona and cancelled on me, so I was free to go out with this new girl.

Somehow was at my old house now, getting ready to go on this date. The downstairs bathroom door (there were two) that opened onto the laundry room had a broken lock which I couldn't fix, so I went upstairs to the girl's bathroom.

Dream changed suddenly and I was playing kick the soccer ball around in a big field with a bunch of people from my elementary school, only now they were my age. Our ball got kicked over into the group of people playing next to us. They kicked their ball at us to play with, and then began playing with our ball. Their ball was gimped, flat and red, and it didn't go far when kicked. One of our players tried to get our ball back, but the other group bullied him. So I grabbed a Bic for stabbin' and moved in. I tried wrestling the main bully, but woke thrashing in bed.

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