08 October 2005

Night Seven

Remembered all my dreams. The early dreams were semi-nightmares about the position in which I chose to fall asleep - very abstract. My later dreams all interconnected plot-wise even though I woke several times. Very intense dreaming. I dreamed about being a pagan worshipper of the nature gods, of escaping, of close friends, of a lover that was with me all the while - and then planning camping trips with friends to worship these pagan gods, have this experience where "it will come for us". Basically, the experience is one of hardship, and then freedom at the height of trial when we merge with god and become our true selves. Lots of preparation for going camping, packing bizarre things, trying to get people ready to go that never will (a dream standard, like searching for someone, or never arriving at a destination). Finally, the dream merged with D&D and became about undead animals, a demon, and a cleric. The whole experience reminded me how intense and how utterly unworldly dreams can be.

Too sleepy for Focus 10, etc.


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