13 October 2005

Night Ten

Grandparents' place again. In the front yard, a branch of three extended over. I was playing on it, and then I noticed on the ground a snake eating a clutch of snake eggs. I collected a few of the eggs, and noticed a viper hiding in the grass next to me just before I ran off to show my sister the eggs. Before I could get into the house, the eggs broke. I thought the snakes were dead, but out of the yolk a transparent snake squiggled out into a puddle. The other egg contained a larger snake, which I was able to show my sister before it made its way in the world. I was trying to say something to my sister, but then I discovered the snakes were now hatching from my mouth.

Back to school. In class, the teacher was teaching Monroe's Focus levels. I couldn't stay in my seat, but the teacher stopped scolding when I told him I didn't want to go back to Ritalin. Didn't take it too seriously this time, either.

This school building I've been to before, a hybridization of my highschool made enormous, 5 stories with double elevators large as a garage. Lots of students. The school was furnished like an upscale office. I couldn't get the elevators to work right, so I lost my brother who was going to give me a ride home. The front entrance is hidden through a sort of car workshop - usually I can never find my way out, but now I know. But I was still too late and had to walk home (only it was through the yard of my junior high).

Dreamed about dressing to go to school the next day, and some girls came over. Like one of the girls, but she thought she was too good for me. Played Frisbee, but it always veered away so I couldn't catch it. Had retainers again. The metal dug into my cheeks, so I pulled them out in pieces. Near my molar, one of them broke off deep into my mouth. Spent various parts of the dream trying to dig it out.

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