10 November 2005

Crickets. Camping.

A lot of weird dreams. I remembered one to go into another, and remember that one instead. The last dream this morning took place in a school like my old junior high, but not quite. I was not myself, and I was interacting with a girl who I've never known. She bought my favor by buying crickets for my pet snake.

Earlier, the night's major dream was going to and from a campsite. I had brought along too many provisions. The others who were with me wouldn't help me carry all the stuff. On the way back, we all got in an airplane (which in reality, was more like a movie set for an airplane and non-functional).

Yesterday I couldn't wake from my nap. I dreamed of false awakening but never actually experienced any. On waking, I felt very melancholy and lonely for the rest of the day.

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