23 November 2005

Exorcist. Date.

I dreamed about the same woman for most of the night. I don't think I've ever met her before. She had a lot of desirable qualities, and my friends and I were all vying for her attentions. The first dream locale was an apartment.

The second locale was a recurring version of the canyons around home. On a mountain path, I found an area with a pool, in the center of which is an extravagant display of exotic plants, and big koi swim in the water.

The third locale and dream-phase, my friends had gotten her IM number but wouldn't let me have it. They chatted with her and talked to each other about how cool she was. I found her nick somehow, but I decided not to use it and pour attention on her. I got a date with her. I was driving in a car with her and her friend and that friend's boyfriend. The boyfriend was saying how "we" needed to move our relationship to the next level. We drove to my elementary school yard. Finally, about to get somewhere with this woman, she became possessed by the devil.

The Exorcist. The elementary school became a mental hospital. A nun/surgeon was given the mission to cure this woman at all costs. The possessed woman broke free, went on a rampage, killing people and vomiting, and about every other special effect imaginable. Her friends and I flee her, get on a boat in the center of a pool. We think we are safe because we are surrounded by water. The boat hatch opens from below deck, and the possessed woman emerges. We jump over the side of the boat to land. We think she's trapped on the boat surrounded by water - she throws a rope over to land, and walks over it to pursue us. We flee back onto the boat. She almost catches one of us, but someone wraps her up with the rope. We all escape to the boat but the person who held her back with the rope, she forgets about the water and tried leaping to the boat. Only her hands make it onto the boat. Over the water, she is de-possessed. But the person left behind becomes possessed.

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