29 November 2005

Knight. Opteron. Van.

Explained to a knight why I didn't like amateur poetry, the way the rhythm went, etc.

Some kind of contest. There was a place we called "Opteron", which was simultaneously a computer with dual processors and an amusement park ride. Someone's girlfriend tricked that someone into entering the Opteron instead of her. He got lost, then obsessed with a part of the ride where you could make your own music loops on Blueman Group-style instruments.

I decided to leave while the group (sort of like a date group) decided they all wanted to go through Opteron. I went into a mall of some sort, to a store that sold items to the wealthy. I looked at a leather-bound book, a vampire story, made of very expensive materials, every page marbled green and blue. Browsing around, I saw my highschool crush with her husband (I never knew her after school enough to know anything about a husband). I tried to impress her by saying I owned the store. Leaving the store, I met up with one of the girls in the group I had an interest in (she'd also been with me in other instances of the dream previous to this).

Other parts of the dream took place at my old house and my grandparents'. Driving around in the old van again, getting ready to go somewhere, forgetting my jacket. Arguing with my dad about religion.

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