16 November 2005

Lake. Hurricane. Ghost.

Spent a lot of time down by the lake, only this lake was only named like the lake I'm used to. The lake in my dream was huge, more like a sea or ocean. There was a lot of industrial framework, railroad tracks, docks, wharfs, that cris-crossed over each other. I don't remember where I was following my roommate, but we were crossing the area to get somewhere - perhaps to go see a movie. Instead, the dream got stuck in the locale. I tried balancing when a strong wind came up on the log bridges, practicing footing and punches. My punches were ineffective, while others practicing their punches hurt a lot when they practiced them on me. Somehow saw a news report of an area that I mistook for the area I was in - a hurricane had come up, all the bridges were getting blown over or crumbling into the ocean. It looked like where I was, but the weather was extreme, and the news report said it was happening in California.

Found myself in the bathroom at the old house, upstairs. Stole some pain medication from my sister for the movie, then helped her and my roommate steal a Jeep (using psi to unlock the doors).

At some point an airliner had crashed and an anime representation of my brother was being chased around by a ghost that was causing him to hallucinate, seeing instead all the victims of the airline crash as zombies. The ghost was chasing him to learn my brother's anime-ninja moves. We turned into balls of red, blue, and yellow light whisking along a bending pipe like a roller coaster. I got the ghost to chase me instead of my brother, won the race, and convinced the ghost to go on its way.

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