14 November 2005

Narnia. School. Fruit. SCUBA.

Narnia. There wasn't much lion in it, but rather it started off with me and my brother watching the show and then being in it. The main characters were elementals, blue, red, yellow, and green. One elemental had tricked the others and stolen their lives, stolen their powers, and had to be stopped.

The day before the last day of school. I was going to graduate (again) and went to my Math class (after Math comes Seminary, but I always go home instead). I went to Math and the teacher was the same as always. Again, we were passed out the final test. Before that, I looked around me. There are three blonde girls who sit around me that I like. One of them is wearing a dress, but her breast has come out. I politely point it out to her (her name is Michelle), and she is embarrassed, but tries to pretend nothing happened. When she gets the test, she leaves to another classroom where students are allowed to go for testing if they desire (she is the only one in class that takes the option). I decide not to take the test, and say goodbye to everyone. I get a good grade even if I never take a test.

I'm on a paradise cruise. They sell a lot of great fruit for cheap. I go to get Taco Bell for lunch.

I ordered cages for the spiders, but got free spiders sent with them. I couldn't take care of them, so I tried letting them go. Walked to and from elementary school with my little sister. At some point, the travel became a SCUBA dive. One of my sister's friends was missing from her dive, so the office manager here at work was draining the underwater caves and cliffs. I found her, or rather she woke from where she had fallen asleep under something. The pumps for emptying the water became devices which allowed the rebels to employ poison-breathing mutants to re-deploy a base underwater. Now the dream was Star Trek/Star Wars with ships flying around.

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