28 November 2005

Sam. Pollution. Healers.

At the park on the grounds of my old elementary school. I exhibited my psychic abilities to a kid, guessing his name first off. Then I explained how he could use his own abilities, just say the first thing that pops to mind, and he was able to correctly guess my name. (His name was Sam).

A girl who was also in the pavilion started having premonitions about an oncoming storm, saying we better get to cover. The adults tried to calm her, but I told them I had the same premonitions. So we got in an old van. Rain started falling, which turned bloody and acidic. We got to cover in the school. Inside, a type of shanty town had been constructed. In one area, a group of women had segmented areas off with curtains and placed mats. They were psychic healers, and warned us not to touch anything until we went into an area they had purified. Everything else was diseased and polluted.

In another segment, I lead a group of people through a fantasy/horror castle/manor. We turned into mice, scurried up the walls, and then jumped into vast spaces, turning into birds, dodging demonic cats, and flew across to another room.

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