11 November 2005

Undead. Lesbian.

The old home again. This time we were doing some cleaning. Tedious. At the end, the front yard was flooded and all kinds of monsters came out. Turned out that my part of yard was a temple for the undead.

Before that, I dreamed I was a girl going to high school. For an English paper, I wrote an erotic lesbian story that my female teacher became fanatical about (but I pretended someone else wrote it so it would have more impact). Instead of turning the paper in, I decided to quit school and sell it as an erotic novel. I gave the teacher the slip, destroyed the school copy of the paper, and then with my father (who was played by someone I've never seen before) fled state in a stolen police cruiser. We started a new life on the lam from an obsessed lesbian. Very weird.

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