16 December 2005

Special Casserole.

My childhood friend and I at a formal dinner for my ex's birthday. After the dinner, my friend decided he wanted to get some shrooms. He bought a huge amount for $20 from the tech guy from my work. All the people at the party sat around talking about shrooms, and saying they would have treated me differently if they knew I did shrooms (which, actually, I don't nor ever have). The tech guy made the shrooms into a kind of casserole, explained how it was easy to act normal on shrooms, it took one hour to kick in. He said just stick enough of the casserole into your mouth to fill your palate, and showed us. Everyone gathered around laughed and got up, thinking they could score some too, but the tech guy told them to leave off.

I don't remember eating any. We left, and then I was seeing things. Everything looked unusually vibrant with tracers, weird optical effects. I ran everywhere, trying to see what interesting things I could find. I jumped into a swimming pool and noticed that swallowing water felt like swallowing air.

The only pet that ever appears in my dreams is an old inbred spaniel. I found out today that only one pet ever appears in my sister's dreams - the same spaniel. Is it emotional memory or something more?

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