05 January 2006

17 hours. Paralysis. Snapbacks.

Slept 17 hours. Became lucid trying to fall back asleep aware at 10 PM. In my dream, I was in my bed, but in a different location, feeling cold (when I woke up, my blanket was off my shoulders). I decided to get more awake, so I moved to another dream location, this time closer to the waking world. I heard voices. A friend came over and was talking to my roommate (which made me feel like I might be missing out on something). I wanted to get up. I couldn't, I was paralyzed. I pointed my finger at a shadowy someone standing over me, accusing him with that gesture of keeping me from full awareness. Finally, I emerged from that dreamscape and realized that I hadn't been fully awake. Even fully awake, I couldn't move for a short time. Finally, I got out of bed to investigate.

A friend had not come over, and my roommate had not talked to him.

Way too many dreams in 17 hours to record any - though I have a vague impression of the dream I had this morning. A matronly figure. A mansion. Maybe something like being in a Dicken's novel. Usually, I get snapback of scenes of previous dreams during the day, sort of like deja vu (this is a new occurrence). Sometimes it feels like that snippet of dream related to something I was thinking about, or the event that just happened.

I'm also suspicious that it takes a lot of sleep to get to a point where my unconscious is willing to let some consciousness in.

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