01 February 2006

Attack on SLC.

Went to SLC - but it's always altered the same way from the way it is in reality. Went to an upper-class showing of the world's largest pearl or something like that. After the show was over, went through the strange dream-world parking garage and went home (to the old house).

A while later, we heard a report, and from a city away, we saw the explosion of one of the skyscrapers in the city. A terrorist attack on Western wealth. It was a huge explosion ... We ran for the house, grabbed up a piece of metal, and bits of rent metal from 60 miles away rained down on us while we tried to make it into the house. Tried checking online instead of using the phones to see if my friends were okay. For some reason the internet was still up. My friends in SLC were offline and I was worried. Went into a cellar in the house that doesn't exist in real life, a cellar about the size of the house, but strange in that it seems like an unfinished attic with the wood sticking up from the floors. Stayed there listening to reports on the radio.

I went outside. In the bloody sunset, I watched us launch tactical missiles from the mountains around our home. I thought they looked too huge to make it out of the atmosphere, but they did - except one, that had a little explosion mid-flight and came back down. It hit the mountain, and the side of the mountain started crashing down. Again, I fled a rain of debris.

The dream scenario was consistent for at least 5 hours of the night.

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