08 March 2006

Tent Party.

What first began as general mingling with people about my age that I didn't know in a schoolyard ended with me throwing a party for everyone. I decided to make it Fantasy themed, with jousting and mega-sized, luxurious tents. I kept springing surprises, like the first huge tent was just the reception area, and the dinner tent was even larger, with long hallways that went into cavernous side areas where people could wander off and encounter dragons. There was also a tent with an orchestra and marble pillars backing plush velvet chairs for the audience.

Twisting elements of my dream into things like this is a recurring thing. In a previous dream, I suffered from having an unsightly cyst on the back of my head the trapped a fold of skin (making it even more unsightly). But I grew wings, becoming something like the bird-like race in Fantasy books I've been writing since 12. Usually morphemic elements of dreams into what I desire is difficult, often morphemic in unusual and sometimes undesirable details - for instance, the size of the first tent wasn't grand or huge enough for me, so I moved into a larger one, but didn't expect the strange sloping hallways made out of the tent fabric. I didn't expect the orchestra, either.

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