13 April 2006

Attic. Kissing. Desert.

My mom wanted me to climb onto the roof of the old house and get into the attic. There was something I was going to put in the attic, I don't remember what. This scenario is common in my dreams - trying to scale the bricks of the old house, up onto the roof, and then into the attic. I don't think I manage to get there very often. I didn't this time either - I was jamming my fingertips into the brick and trying to scale the roof, trying to lift my body up and over the eaves. In these scenarios, my bedroom is in the attic, but the ceiling is so low you can't stand up, and the only way to get in or out is through an entrance so narrow, you often get stuck trying to get through. Always very claustrophobic.

Also dreamed of a blonde in a red catsuit. We started making out, but then I became aware and exited the dream.

Another scene, I was in the desert (which I'd come to crossing the tennis court by the Jr. High). On a ridiculously small cliff (maybe three feet tall) surrounded by much more impressive and secluded cliffs, a pair of condors had built a nest. I was going to take a photo of it, and remarked to a girl sitting next to me how dumb these condors were in nest site selection. The dream morphed into a mind-narrorated story about a Native American having a Christmas celebreation where the tree was made out of cactus bits (the roundish, low-standing type) that looked quite impressive. He was joining my family, and my dad asked him to say the prayer, but to do it right this time (meaning without the use of peyote). He replied, if you want to pray that way, you do it yourself. It was also someone's birthday - which this year he was not allowed to provide the birthday cake, as last year's had been "space cake" (for which he defended by saying, "But it's a birthday cake, it's supposed to be a gift.")

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