18 April 2006

Puppy Love. Betrayed Pirate. 35k Ft.

My best friend's little sister had grown up and had a crush on me. She tried to get in my good graces and followed me around, but I was hanging out with a less conservatively-raised woman (who I've never seen before). She followed me through several dream environments - her house, my old house, my grandparents'. At my grandparents' the dream got sidetracked. There was a jungle on the front lawn and huge insects - katydids, locusts, beetles. My brother was telling me how much these insects could sell for in Brazil as if they were hams. Also, from watching TV, there was a brief roleplay as a character in a Louis L'Amour novel that ended up with me being shot and then covered in giant red ants. At the end of the dream, my friend's sister won me over. There was something appealing about her non-jaded, innocent love.

The night before, I had a long and complicated plot involving pirates and recovering a sunken pirate ship. The ship had been captained by a famous woman pirate who had great renown for her looks. She had fallen in love with the governor of a Caribbean settlement, and had been sailing into port at his invite when the port defenses opened fire. She had been tricked. She went down with the ship.

The night before that, the story of a martial artist whose mother taught him that as much skill and art went into cooking as went into martial arts. Then an adventure where my sister and my brother decided to go mountaineering. It was a strange dream mountain range that floated in midair, and a suspended roadway went above it. We were to "meet at 35,000 feet" - I took the old Ford van on the roadway, then using a cable that resembled a sticky-hand toy, drove it off the edge of the roadway. The cord held after a 35,000-foot drop, and I was at the base camp. My sister just then came snowboarding down.

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