20 April 2006

Quadriplegic. Nuked.

Back in martial arts class, which also evolved into being part of the Marines. Had trouble running in my new sneakers, went sliding into the wall. The instructor tried to figure out why I couldn't feel my left leg - turned out I just had it tucked up into my pant leg somehow. Then I was in the CIA investigating an aged subversive. I injured him when he made a break out of the interrogation room with a gun. Spent the rest of the dream caring for the now-quadriplegic.

Night before, had another apocalypse scenario. At the old house, we checked the mail. My brother sees its a letter from the government informing everyone at one time certain cities would be nuked. We heard raid sirens. A wind started in the trees, and then grew strong enough that debris was flying past. There was this huge sucking sound. I was excited - I didn't want to hide from the inevitable - I ran out into the street and out of the shade of the house. My body turned to ash and the wind blew it apart - but I was above it, watching it as I rose into the sunlight.

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