23 May 2006

Mechanics. New Trance Approach.

More mechanic shop dreams. The first, I brought my bicycle into the shop for repairs. The bike was the same horrible teal color as my car.

The second, I can't remember a lot about, except that in the shop this time we were making mechanical monster bodies to wear.

The mechanic shop always looks the same, with the same mechanics in it, and in the same remote lot in a half-empty industrial district. I've never seen any of these elements in life (that I can consciously remember).

As a new approach to the trance state, I'm experimenting with sensory overload instead of sensory deprivation. We'll see how that goes. Clearing my mind, as far as I can do it (which isn't totally, and never for long) just brings me faster to dreamland and nonsensical voices and imagery. It's also difficult to think of just one topic and to remember to bring my mind back to it - but I'm still going to work on this.

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