25 May 2006

Tropical Backyard. Eels.

The backyard of the old house had changed. The walls, patio, and fences where still there, but everything else had become a tropical ocean environment. In the middle, there was a palm tree I'd planted - but its leaves were brittle and dying. I had coerced a crab to live on the palm (because if crabs live on palms, that means other things will come and live in the water, too, as the logic went). But the crab got smart and moved away (after pinching me). I didn't know how to get wildlife to come live in my empty paradise.

Under the waterline, the brick wall on the north side became pitted with caves. Inside one of the caves, the first animal appeared - a morey eel. I did not want him living there. Next door, the neighbors had an ocean lot teeming with oceanic life. I wanted the eel to go back, and felt sure it would get hungry and move back. But it decided to stay. I had to let it, since it was a "prince" and had been titled the backyard.

It was an evil eel. It talked to me. Every time it swam around, its sinuous movements made me shudder and tense, just waiting for it to strike. It told me not to worry, it liked me, it would never bite me. It liked to rub its old flesh off on me (for some reason I was very rough-skinned) and it talked about how delightful it now smelled after doing so. Since the eel moved in, thousands of tropical fish and other wildlife moved in. Another eel also moved in; this one didn't look as sinister (it's mouth was much smaller) and it told me it would try to scare the other one off. I didn't believe it, it didn't seem capable. The evil eel told the other eel how much it stunk, and generally abused it - finally, it lashed out at it. They writhed around me, battling, until surprisingly, the smaller eel killed the evil one.

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