08 June 2006

King Kong in Three Iterations.

Two summer blockbusters came out, both different versions of King Kong. I didn't watch the first movie out - it had sub-par CGI, King Kong was greatly reduced in size, and it had some kind of sports angle (King Kong played baseball). The second movie was great. It was King Kong fighting mutants (a la X-Men). I got to be the mutant who, as soon as my life was in peril, I automatically teleported to a random nearby location. It was great. I'd fly up to the skyscraper where King Kong was killing hundreds of muties (with death-ray eyes), then teleport a dozen times through near-deaths.

I also had a recurring element to the dream, but this was when I'd dream of King Kong of the early 1900s. Black and white claymation-ish (and sometimes guy in a suit). I liked it, though, because it always scared me how huge King Kong was when he'd appear on the grainy horizon and how much noise his footsteps would make. Sometimes he'd come swinging through on a vine at me. In dreams, huge things are always really cool and frightening, inducing some kind of dream atmosphere that I can't describe.

Additionally, I decided to sleep in a bit today. I was able to maintain that dreaming-while-awake state for about 30 minutes. Unfortunately, I didn't fully realize it until after I woke myself.

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