09 June 2006

Marching Band. Pretend Jet.

Another repeat dream, this time of being back in high school marching band. The similar scenario of the band room and a strange repeated version of a street. Practice before a parade. This time, though, there were only 6 people in the band. I wasn't part of it, either. Back in the band room, I tried to teach a trumpet and a "pocket flute" to play. I played my old trumpet like I hadn't played it in years, mushy and weak, and the middle valve kept getting stuck. The band teacher was my junior high band teacher instead of high school's. I quit, and went back into the dream "band" version of the high school, with big muffling curtains and most of the lights off, and very few people in the school. Someone had pulled a prank and released Quake NPCs loose in the school - dated graphics, but holographic and with a cool disintegration effect when they died.

Before this, I was participating in a sort of outdoor market for gods. You went around trying out different worship services. The one for the god of chaos gave out suveniers of half-full antidote for whatever you got poisoned with during the ceremony.

Afterward, I decided to go home with some friends (whom I've never seen before). I did this by pretending a room was an airplane. I went into the pretend cabin and changed into a pretend uniform, then came out and toggled pretend switches and so forth. The people in the control tower were laughing at me. I had a discussion with on of my friends about the appropriate thrust for a jet of this size, then pushed up the pretend thrust for the engines. There was a real reaction of roaring engines. I managed to taxi, drive through a fence, and take off, gaining enough altitude to pass over mountainous bleachers. Instead of flying over with the plane, however, I found myself sitting in the bleachers talking to one of the many thousands already there.

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