06 June 2006

Sparticus. Hog. Punctures.

A repeat dream. A Polish (or thereabouts) team was filming a movie called Sparticus. There was pricey footage of soldiers in the battlefield and their Roman tents. Then the filming moved to an arctic region. I was commenting on how nice it was to see a sky and landscape without telephone poles. Then all the next shots had telephone poles.

Instead of filming the movie, the director was now filming the hardships his team was enduring in the arctic region trying to survive, and ultimately had to drop the project and salvage what he could as a documentary. One of his stunt men died in a skiing accident. The whole team was stranded on a mountain in freezing weather, starving.

One of the actors, who became an obese hog walking on two legs, is sizzling up some food in his tent. I go in to discover, he's cutting parts of himself off and frying it up. I'm disgusted, but he tearfully counters that he spent time fattening up for this trip, and that I had told him, "We would live off the fatta the land."

I drive home, trying to make the ground accelerate past faster, like I'm driving a Porche. The police of the region, in red-and-white police cruisers, drive the rest of the crew home. They steal my vehicle, which turns out to be a black and purple IT. I go to the house of the hog (who wears an apron to cover up what he had cooked up). His many children apparently sprout from puncture weed seeds. I see that he has four new children, because I have to pull four inch-long toothpick-like thorns from my foot. There's a fifth child, an adopted orphan piglet, who refers to himself as Uno, because he had only one parent.

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