24 July 2006

19 Hours.

19 hours of sleep. I must have needed it. I spent at least 6 hours in paralysis trying over and over (perhaps 50 times) trying to move.

Sleep paralysis is, to my mind, unquestionably the phenomenon responsible for all alien abduction stories. Emotion is amped up to incredible levels - if you are afraid of aliens, the scenario will play itself out. You are mostly conscious, awake in all respects except for your body, which is paralyzed (or still asleep). You think you are fully awake, but only half right.

No fear for my paralysis this time, though. The only angst I felt was when I thought my roommates were going to lunch and leaving without me. I tried spinning, I tried getting up, I tried shouting for help, I tried everything. But I didn't fret. After long enough (maybe a minute each time), I just started telling myself stories to entertain my short attention span. From the unique paralysis state, this resulted in dreaming my stories, plus infusing them with supra-natural emotional impact. Good, good times. Really good. There is simply no waking equivalent to this experience.

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