13 July 2006

Cowboy. Department Store.

A dream like I was playing GUN. I was a cowboy riding a horse around through canyons. I was almost to the end of the game. Everyone else had already won and was watching, giving me pointers. I had to kill three types of bears before I could get to the main boss. Finally, I decided to stop riding around and finish the game. I killed the bears and got teleported to the main boss. It was the Emperor from Star Wars. I decided to go back and find out what I had missed - I kill a bear and then fight the Emperor?

I also dreamed about the dream department store. Usually, this place is a mix of every department/grocery/discount store I've ever been into, but usually with at least one section feeling very rundown. I was shopping for Xmas presents. I didn't know what to get, and everything was so cheap (as in worthless).

I was also running through a new housing division that must have been recently built, as most of the houses were still incomplete and all the wood framing that was showing looked new. Chasing after a murderer, I think.

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