16 July 2006

Desert. Falcon. Vegas.

A desert-themed dream. In one portion, I was a falcon chasing after various prey over a desert. I had a hard time catching things (the pigeons were too fast on the level) - but that I was able to stay aloft and not lose confidence and become grounded again is an improvement.

The dream went further South into the dream version of Utah. In this version, my sister and her family have a house in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. It's sheltered in part by hills, which allows for some of the town to be relatively green, while the rest is either desert or yellowed grass. There's a swing set in a sand pit that, for whatever reason, has a similar effect to translucent water in my dreams: it makes me feel strongly euphoric.

The last part of the dream, I flew down to Vegas. My brother was getting married. Dream Vegas is different in the same way every dream - the inside of the casinos are a little more like malls, multi-level, with open balconies every level (which means I'm usually jumping off at some point and falling a long way). Another recurring element was the jetliner, half-constructed as if imagination was still trying to make it into 3D reality out of wireframe and pieces of dream scenery cobbled together.

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