10 July 2006

Hypnogogic Imagery

I've been bad at making an effort to remember my dreams long enough to write them down lately, but I had an interesting experience with related phenomenon.

I was having fun in the pool, floating and wandering around with my eyes closed. I was noticing the images in my eyelids, the pictures that aren't from my imagination, but that I actually feel I can "see", usually laser-like crisp lines and colors. Most of it is random dots or static. I saw a kaleidoscopic tunnel swirling inward. I also for a moment saw a gate of some kind, a triangle with rounded edges, the pattern repeated inside like a triangular spiral. Between the lines were engraved triangles, upside-down, with reptilian eyes. The whole thing was a kind of metallic brown color.

It's interesting to see what there is to notice with my eyes closed and my mind maintaining an amused curiosity. I remember when I was little trying to fall asleep, the "static", the black and white snow that I would see on my eyelids and other hypnogogic imagery I rarely ever notice anymore.

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