31 July 2006

Spells. Dead. Paper Airplanes.

A supernatural dream. My little sister played someone who wasn't my sister - she was a witch. We went to school (that looked like my old elementary), but only at night. She'd finally prepared a spell for contacting the dead. To cast the spell, she had to walk on ground that entombed the dead (which, for whatever reason, meant the schoolyard). She was too scared to do this. She could also have cast it on the crosswalk, since the walk was covered in blood, but she didn't want to do that either.

But we needed to know certain information (or maybe I just wanted to see what the spell would do). I got some dirt from a graveyard, so that she could cast the spell from the comfort of the front yard. I did a partial evocation on a divining mirror and convinced her to cast the spell. She had to drink a cough-syrup looking potion (and then find some water to wash out the taste), then say something in Latin. The mirror showed an eminent attack by the usual evil warparty (i.e. zombies and skeletons and various undead). I wanted to look at the night sky instead, because I remembered how cool it was to look at (and there were comets or jets) - but everyone told me to pay attention. I became annoyed because I thought she was going to talk with the dead. Just then, the voice of someone passed on (who obviously had died from slashing his own throat) started croaking out - it was from my throat, since the dead had decided to channel through me.

Everyone ran away scared. War ensued. The evil undead got wasted. They supposedly ruled society, but all the time people had been developing good spells to evoke good creatures (like dragons and skeletal bears) but never cast the spells because they were outlawed. So when war struck, the reigning evil found their magic technology massively outclassed. It was a short war.

Also, somewhere in there I went to the schoolyard and tried to make the world's best paper airplanes. I finally got some of them to fly really well and really high. I chased them around in the darkened playgrounds.

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