26 July 2006

Wings. Wrath. Boundaries.

I was playing D&D. The dungeon master was a low-teens kid I've never seen before, kinda chubby and sadistic. At some point, I got tired of everything and sprouted wings. I flew upward. As I went upward, I remembered all the previous attempts where I inevitably got pulled back down. But this time, I kept climbing. I was even able to stay aloft. (I also saw in the outer atmosphere, three futuristic space vehicles with trails like comets - the night sky always evokes extra-emotional awe in dreams).

Flying over the street near where I used to live, I saw a open-top car escorting a man who had been recently found guilty of kidnapping and murdering a girl. This was a military escort, and a military trial - like I were living in Cuba. The soldiers weren't wearing American uniforms.

I had gotten it into my continuing half-conscious development of the dream that as the winged race, I had precedence over the military ruling (which was a few years' imprisonment). So, I used telekinesis to snatch the man from the car, float him upward about 500 feet, and drop him repeatedly, to throw him around like a rag doll, until every bone in his body was broken. The soldiers decided, after a short while, not to interfere. The people in the streets seemed pleased to see some wrathful vengeance, and then quieted and shocked to see it being meted out.

There is a boundary in my dreams. I can fly maybe 500 feet up, but then I hit an invisible barrier as if the dream scenario is contained within four walls (like a holodeck or the giant stage for "The Truman Show", except for some reason these walls felt like the walls of my old home). I kept trying to get out, tried some half-conscious affirmations and demands, but I didn't believe I would be able to get out, and I didn't.

I have previously managed to exit the dream boundaries using more lucid affirmations ... things got interesting. In the future, I will engrain the affirmation that works best into my mind ("I demand awareness now!") so that I will instinctively use it in situations like this.

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