24 August 2006

Cyborg Zombie.

My dreams became invaded with a FPS mentality. Lots of undead animals and freshly-arisen corpses trying to get into the room.

I yelled to the other room (a tiny room with a TV, a trashed chair, and a raggedy blanket), "Gus, get in here!" He was a sleepy zombie. Not very intelligent, but very loyal. When he came out, I imagined him (i.e. created) cyborg shelling and hydraulic support to make him bullet-proof and preternaturally strong. Then I added two gauss cannons for good measure.

The baddies kept trying to invade my room, but the cyborg zombie blasted them away with a mere twitch to aim, and a burst of ultra-fast projectiles that vaporized what they hit.

Naturally, the dream environment threw more my way. A huge four-legged demon with natural armor plating and a ton of bulk. It charged Gus, jumped on him to flatten him, but his armor held. The zombie used some hydraulic-assisted close combat to finish the demon off.

Later in the dream, I encountered a dark-elf/lab scientist who had just finished his personal cyborg assistant (I think this suggestion came from the nemisis corporation in the Tron 2.0 game I'm playing). He thought his was much better than mine -- he had mega-corporation funding for his. His cyborg came out, looking just like the lab-scientist, but with flaming eyes.

Of course, to prove his mettle, he had to attack my cyborg zombie with guns and fists. Alas, Gus's armor turned the dark-elf attack into nothing more than a vain flurry on an invulnerable shell (with a bored-looking zombie inside).

It took mental effort to will the armor to be powerful enough to withstand any attack. Sometimes I wonder about dreams ... It seems to me that they're a playground of the mind where mental effort exercises while the physical rests.

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