04 August 2006

Whales. Reincarnation.

Swimming with whales. I followed a small pod and their baby on a migration route. At the end of the migration, they tried swimming up a inlet, but became beached. They were able to get back to sea, however.

The documentary resumed two years later. The baby was much larger now. Every time I swam close to the whales, I noticed huge, ragged bleeding wounds. I thought maybe they had been attacked by Orca or something. The documentary voice told me that they had collisions with ships. I was afraid, with all that blood in the water, of seeing predators any time.

The dream switched to me sitting around (perhaps in a community building of some kind) with a bunch of women in their late-forties while a news segment showed on a TV bolted to the ceiling. The report was on a man who claimed to have just reincarnated from being a whale, and previous to that, an oil man.

The group of people turned into a therapy group or focus group. The woman in charge wanted to debate reincarnation. My mom argued strongly against it. The woman in charge had us do an exercise where we painted or filled out a worksheet that was supposedly get us in touch with our previous lives. I didn't remember filling out the sheet, but when I looked at it, it had been filled out. I couldn't read my cursive, and the paper was covered in paint. Then, I realized the paint was actually a fairly grotesquely-artistic abstract of a woman screaming, blood coming out of her mouth. I then recognized what the largest writing said, and that it was the title to the painting: Pain.

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Tanapuesta said...

Your story is good. Women bigger than 40 years and whales?, hum
The whale is wonderful, on the other hand the women of those age cross a very difficult stage. But the story is good... that whole blood in the water to an age in that the women stop to menstruate... is very interesting.
I will read the rest of your stories.
Sorry for my bad english. Bye
Tana Puesta