06 October 2006

P.1 - Ghosts. Cons.

Nightmares. The ghosts didn't want to scare me, so they changed colors -- the one talking to me was purple. The others were friendly colors like turqoise, yellow, and lime; the other ghosts were standing at reception locations talking to other people. The purple ghost decided to show me what he looked like in life -- or in this case, the very end of life -- and that scared me. And that part of my mind that just loves stimulation started demanding to see my grandmother. Every time a dream about her, however, she is a corpse. I get scared.

In combo with the previous dream segment where con artists had come up with a brilliant plan for stealing wasp eggs (everyone was in minature like "The Fantastic Voyage" and in space suits, and for whatever reasons what had started off as a nest in a corner of a dream-version of my highschool ended up being in zero-G on an asteroid). The con-men painted the eggs invisible, so the security would think the eggs were stolen, and then leave them unprotected. Anyway, getting back to "in combo", I came home from their heist (which eventually involved escaping a blast that destroyed the nest-become-asteroid). This was a weird version of home I've never encountered; I don't know how to describe the mutated version of this house. There was a net in the backyard that I could lay on to look at stars, though ...

Anyway, so I woke up in this version of the house thinking I really was awake. I was still terrified, so I tried to turn on the lamp. Wouldn't work. Got up and tried the light. It almost worked, just a half-glow that instantly flickered out. I ran into the hall and encountered a ghost-corpse walking my way. This time I woke for real. I decided not to turn on the lamp this time. I could handle nightmares. As an aside, nightmares with false awakenings, plus the worst nightmares in general, always have an element of either the light being extremely dim (such as the bathroom of the old house and being chased by the evil hag) or not turning on.

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