06 October 2006

P.2 - Witches. Werewolves.

In the second dream, I became a witch. My family (or clan or caste or whatever) was strong on the magical side of things, but had been severely weakened by house in-fighting. Our most potent spells had been lost, and the spells we did have, were shared with the other houses as part of the political situation. It might have been a vaguely Harry Potter situation, with it being a school setting. We learned spells by looking at ancient banners in glyph and runic.

At one point, I decided to sneak out and go into the rec room (with the pool, always so enticing with its blue glow). It was late at night. When I got into the rec room, which should have been empty, there was a mom with her kids in the pool -- and the kids were having a party with a dozen other kids. The rec room had become a concert-hall sized room with air mattresses for no reason, ribbons hung from the rafters, etc. Sort of a recurring dream location, but not sane in the description. The door blew open in a strong gust of wind. That wind is also a recurring element for this location.

Eventually this dream became the story of a tyrant clan of werewolves hunting down my witch clan. The tyrant's son hid me from his father in the woods, in a sort of trench covered over with debris. But the tyrant could smell me and went blood-lusty in a search to find me.

Meanwhile ...

My clan of witches discovered an attic location, a refuge, where the rafters hid the clan's lost spells in rolled-up banners. Just in the nick of time, they discovered one that opened a portal, grabbed me bodily out of my hiding place, and shut the portal door behind us just as the tyrant discovered it and burst inside.

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