28 November 2006

Amazon. Canoe. Rifle.

I was going down the Amazon in a canoe following two natives in their canoes. It was a very vivid dream: the choppy brown water, the branches and foilage sticking out into the river. I don't like deep water and mentioned it to my guides.

Suddenly there was a big splash. I looked back at the canoe behind me and saw a crocodile swimming toward the canoe. Then the crocodile clamped on the canoe and started to spin in the water. I could see the man trapped between the jaw and the canoe.

I didn't like this, so I teleported myself out and back in time. I was watching from the riverbank with a high-powered rifle. When the croc headed toward the canoe, I shot it. It wouldn't die. I shot it in the head, and dark red blood fountained out, but it kept going, only now toward me.

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