27 February 2007

Booth. Dinner. Mt. Dew.

A long night of dreams and lots of waking to a cold sweat.

I dreamed of a sound booth that was made of sensitive fabric that felt sort of like a car seat from an expensive 70's Buick, and had much the same size as a backseat from a Buick, only it surrounded you. When you sat, the sound was produced by vibrations of the fabric. It was an intense experience to feel sound all through my body. The sound of being in the ocean near a whale was reproduced. Apparently, you can't (according to the dream) understand the language of whales unless you are able to feel the vibrations of the sound they produce. It was an eerie experience, and the language was very unique and possibly something a bit beyond my mental capacity to interpret -- though this view may be slanted after waking and not something I felt in the dream.

Later, I experienced a strange way of eating an oriental dinner. The chairs were rearranged by the waitresses in a way that was supposed to represent different articulations of body image by age. That's a nebulous interpretation of the dream idea.

Then I was in a huge outdoor movie, where you could crawl into the screen. It was a children's movie about eating. At the end, there was a huge box of Coke products (three different flavors); as an advertising gimmick, at the end of the movie the Coke leveled up to Coke Plus, but me and another girl (I think a sister) found that if we levitated at just the right moment, we could hack the upgrade to become Mountain Dew Plus instead.

At some point, I created a demon/devil character to take care of the occultish/magical side of things. I had become something of an anime character. I had a shield cloak/hood to hide me from the operatives of some organization. One side of the cloak had red lining and hid me by repulsing or deflecting attention, the other side was blue and attracted the attention of people with like minds.

The night before, I dreamed my brother and I had created a super hero. We were in a woodland that was part of some VR computerscape. Also, I was shown that the highest purpose in this life was achieved by folding myself in half forward, sort of like an attempt at making the human form into the snake-biting-its-tail motif. People and their egos worked as a team to remember this precept, and on remembering, tried to achieve perfection. People nearby those making the attempt would become enlivened by the idea and begin the path toward this ultime achievement.

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