18 April 2007

The Stairway to Hell.

The "Curse of Betos" interrupted my sleep last night, effectively leaving me with deep-REM memories.

I was playing a game of some kind, and came to a large room, all industrial steel and grating for floors; concrete-and-minimal-steel stairs went down into a pit.

The childhood image of my sister informed me that if I wanted to play the rest of the game, I'd have to descend into the pit (horrors were implicit). Of course I didn't want to go down the stairs, because I knew how long the climb went, getting darker and darker, and sometimes opening into various levels not unlike the seven levels of Dante's Inferno.

The rebellious side of me, however, cannot refuse any stimulus, and horror and fear compel it. I jumped into the abyss.

Perhaps partly due to the SOS signals being sent from my intestines due to the effects of the "curse", I got to the bottom of the hell-hole in a hurry. I was supposed to be terrified, facing Satan; but in a instant, I usurped him.

The odd thing about that was I then experienced waking paralysis. The Devil was repeatedly jabbing his chin into my back (and these sensation I felt while paralyzed). A little curious, I tried directing this energetic "aura" or field into a shield, which worked. I took note of the curious sensation of energy while laying otherwise paralyzed, and then dropped into unconsciousness a moment before I woke fully to the ravages of the "curse". As I sprang out of my bed, several dream voices were still talking to me: a queen demanding something; lots of idle chatter; the Devil still raging, affronted.

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