25 September 2008

Epic RTS.

It was a night for epic dreams (though it's possible that all dreams feel epic as you dream them, but they're only sometimes remembered in an epic way). I was playing an RTS game like Civ + Sim City, but first-person, and the graphics were amazing, being not actually graphics, but dream imagery that imitated graphics. Anyway, it was mostly epic because of the types of upper-level spells, such as a volcano spell. I was in a jungle, no real roads, on a fairly steep slope and a huge 18-wheeler came down going full speed; it had an oversized flatbed with a volcano on it. This was followed up by a lesser spell that was a cyclops throwing either coconuts or giant coffee beans. There were also spells to create minions out of starter kits that reminded me of sea monkeys. In the beginning, I cheated by creating a worldwide super storm with purple lightning. It doesn't sound epic, but that's because reading is less exciting than dreaming.

Before this, I dreamed that I owned an abandoned bowling alley in a small town, and the police came over and busted me for drinking Slushees in the basement.

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Peter said...

Great! I suddenly noticed today that you had started posting to this blog again. I've had an RSS feed of it forever, but stopped looking at it because it never changed.