20 September 2008

Not Yet Dissipated

It's been a long time since I posted here. Yet, this blog is still here, so ... I've decided to keep going with it.

Dreams aren't always interesting. Sometimes they're unpleasant, or boring, or frustrating, or senseless. I think they get more interesting the more I pay attention to mine.

Lately, my habit when I have been somewhat lucid has been to think of the most frightening place to be. Usually, this means teleporting to some dark, cold ocean ... perhaps the deeps of the Arctic ocean where the colossal squid lurks. The more lucid a dream is, the more convincing it is, and when I find myself in the ocean deeps, I become terrified that all I have to do is cross a thin line and the dream will become reality. I think I do this partly just to scare myself for thrills: sometimes there are two parts of me, and the one side is an insatiable, impulsive thrill seeker that enjoys this sort of thing.

Oh, and there's definitely a connection with lucid dreaming and sleeping on my back, as well as a connection with lucidity and sleep inertia.

Lucidity is one of the most incredible experiences in life. Even if it were to be wholly contributed to the machinations of the organic mind, what the imagination is capable of is astonishing.

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