10 January 2009

The Afterlife

It's impossible to be curious and not want to know what happens next, especially considering how inevitable and complete death is to our material existance. Is there anything after?

I don't know. 

I suspect that we will die; we will recognize time differently; we will have a more complete self-awareness and understanding; the state will be one similar to waking from a dream. It will feel so much more familiar to us than our lives do to us now. 

I don't believe in the popular concepts of Heaven and of Hell, but I do find the concepts useful: Hell is the Black path, the path toward nihilism; it is self-destruction, self-loathing; it is falling farther and farther from God. We may experience Hell now. I have no doubt that the lives of those in Hell exceed anything Dante and others could possibly imagine. 

Heaven is the White path, and I might conveniently describe it as the opposite of Hell. I don't think that it means that you always get what you want: it means that you always want what you have. Even in the most horrible material circumstances, Heaven is being able to accept and love yourself, to be honest with yourself, to acknowledge your freedom to choose; Heaven is to love creation and to experience it without pretenses, and to do so right now. It is being rather than having. Heaven, like Hell, is always within reach. We have only to choose it and to accept it.

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