24 May 2009

I cry every day

I saw a promo for TNT Drama – a new series starring Jada Pinkett Smith (I'm not an official reviewer and won't swear to my spelling). In any case, the final line in the promo was Jada tearfully asking, “Am I going to cry every day?” To which an older, wiser nurse solemnly replied, “Probably.” Way to sum up an entire series in five seconds!

I also found a mean ol' black widow web. They make their webs without any apparent design: just steely lines layered wantonly to make sure there's no getting out once you've stumbled in. Surely, if traditional chaotic evil were to have a spokes-spider, it would be a black widow.

Also, I'm turning now philosophically in a new direction. Let me give some background. 

One evening in September of 1963, in Elmira, New York, Jane Roberts received revelation through an entity (“an energy personality essence”) called Seth. Seth later, using Roberts as a medium, dictated a series of books which I believe have been enormously influential in New Age ideology. Chief among these ideas is: “You create the world that you know. You have been given perhaps the most awesome gift of all: the ability to project your thoughts outward into physical form … The fact is that each of you create your own physical reality.”
I'm not familiar with Eastern religion, so I can't compare it to Seth material; therefore, I'm uncertain as to whether the Seth material is a misguided interpretation of Eastern religion. In any case it is highly readable and also well worth reading (Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul, Jane Roberts, notes by Robert F. Butts).
I tried doing some automatic writing by falling asleep with my fingers to the keyboard. What resulted was profoundly enlightening:
The Secret; Think and Grow Rich; what else? The Law of Attraction. If you think about something all the time, that's what you get. Isn't that the basic idea? Excepting, of course, schizophrenics (and, honestly, probably pretty much everybody else). Something about the New Age rubs me the wrong way. A while ago when I was rather submerged in New Age philosophy (mainly I was just interested in out-of-body experiences [also known as sleep paralysis]) I created a deliciously satirical list of New Age vocabulary, but it seems to have been wiped from existence by the justly wrath of some higher being or another. Ooh it makes me so angry. 

In any case, I've gotten bored of it, which means I'm turning now to something nice and bland and irritable to keep the well-meaning at bay until the universe speaks to me again and promises the ability to see real dinosaurs. 

Mostly, then, it's all a potpourri of ideas like free radicals in my head -- except with a slight radioactivity, e.g. the world was not created by me, and more often than not does exactly what I don't want it to do. Nevertheless, I can offer this helpful list of advice (with just enough glurge to sting a little): 

Just when you think you've done it all, you've done it twice. You can't think like a robot unless you are one. Stop watching the sun set and help it rise. Whenever you catch yourself abdicating, try not to smile. Going for the whit and the shit is the same thing. You won't find bananas on a pear tree. Being so far behind is when you start to see the big picture. When you doubt you cast a shadow, try to look at the sun. In every retrospect, there's an equal circumspect. Don't attach meaning to blank spaces. Catch a sniffle and you've snuck. White House documents are never this boring. Be prepared to update your will whenever you feel like it. Just in case it doesn't rain tomorrow, bring an umbrella. Consider the emancipation of divine will to be circumspect to underwear. Grow a breath of fresh air once in a while and you'll see what catches colds. The plans of the almighty are often the realizations of the very small. Grain and wheat are not the same thing. Exercise caution when entering an enclosed space. Every once in a while a fig tree catches fire. Heavens decry the platitudes!

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