14 June 2009

Part of a dream

I walked past a bar. The bar was like a stage set, just a singular location made to look exactly like the real thing, and yet just part of a chain of dream locales. I walked past her, and she said, "What's up?"

She asked why I didn't say "Hi," and I explained I wasn't really socially versed. She said, "When you go to a party and you start a conversation, do you mostly talk about things you know?"

I thought about it. What do I talk about? Something cool (to me) I learned, like Did you know they pretty regularly find sperm whales with little vestigal hind limbs?

I said, "Yes."

She said, "You're a circuit type personality."

1 comment:

gustavolk-swagen said...

Another reason why I love reading dreams (and writing them down when I get them). Thanks!

Unfortunately, I have no interpretation to offer.