24 August 2009

Finding my place in society

It just occurred to me: my place in Homo sapiens, a social animal that is intensely observant of other's behaviors in order to learn what is possible and what is fatal. The thin-boned animals are naturally anxious, skittish, very curious; they don't make a lot of social connections. They are expendable. They are the ones who go see if the snake is poisonous; they see if the lion is hungry; the monkey that first tries swimming the moat to get the bread. They figured out fire. What is that? What is that?

The others in the social group watch, and they observe these scouts.

That's what my genetic disposition is. It's not a disorder. It's evolutionary adaptation of the species as a group. Curious. Haphazard. Foolish. Inclined to eccentricity. The group benefits from Curious George's antics. They know what not to do.


Peter McCombs said...

Maybe it isn't the scout type, but the inventor type.

Dave said...

I'm trying to guess at a more basal role. I guess I relate better sometimes when things are a lot simpler ;)

gustavolk-swagen said...

I have to agree with Peter. It is the inventor type. Also the deep-seeker-of-truth type.